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Product information and public domain samples

PiezoBarrel Pickups

All PiezoBarrel pickups are designed to be simple to use and provide exceptional sound quality. There are currently four main PiezoBarrel pickup models being produced. These provide differences in the sound characteristics to provide choice, and to cater for the differences in the Woodwind, Brass and Saxophone families of instruments as well as a variety of folk and experimental instruments.

To ease the barriers to entry, a variety of accessories are available for PiezoBarrel pickups. These include clarinet barrels, cheap sax mouthpieces, trumpet and trombone mouthpieces all with adapters pre-installed and ready to play. The threaded adapters that are used to attach the PiezoBarrel pickups to a variety of instruments are supplied with the pickups.

The design features common to all PiezoBarrel pickups are listed below.

  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Clean, clear natural sound.
  • No batteries or external power needed.
  • Standard 3.5mm mono output socket/jack.
  • Designed to be guitar friendly and work with guitar equipment such as amplifiers, effect pedals, wireless systems, midi converters and loopers.
  • Used for live performance, noisy stage environments, recording studios and DAWs.
  • Supplied with 3.5 (1/8 inch) to 6.35mm (1/4 inch) cable.
  • High sensitivity and low feedback.
  • Electrically shielded low noise design.
  • Standard M6 x 1.0 metric thread.
  • Interchangeable between instruments.
  • Available with a variety of brass adapters for different instruments.
  • Designed and made in Australia.

PiezoBarrel sample (PiezoBarrel 'Azure')

PiezoBarrel 'Wood'

The PiezoBarrel 'Wood' is currently the most popular PiezoBarrel pickup. It was designed initially for clarinet but is also popular for a variety of instruments and popular with experimenters. Generally this pickup is chosen for it's dark sound and is particularly suited for the clarinet or bass clarinet though it is also popular for Alto and Tenor sax when a rich mellow sound is desired. The 'Wood' can also be used for trombone and low brass.


Youtube Sample

PiezoBarrel P7

The PiezoBarrel P7 is a bright sounding pickup that is intended for the saxophone family or for clarinet where a bright airy sound is preferred.


Youtube Sample

PiezoBarrel P9

The PiezoBarrel P9 was developed in collaboration with Master Trumpeter, Schilke Artist and Grammy Award Winning jazz musician Darren Barrett. Darren won the 1997 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition, and is a professor at Berklee College of Music. As a trumpet player, his knowledge of the trumpet is extraordinary, and as a professional working and recording artist, his knowledge of the sound and ability to live test pickups in actual performance environments allowed the design to be altered to fit the ideal frequency characteristics of the trumpet.


PiezoBarrel R1

The PiezoBarrel R1 is similar to the PiezoBarrel 'Wood' but designed for the recorder. The recorder usually only produces a weak signal in the low register and any attempt to produce a stronger note results in the sound becoming unstable as it starts to overblow. For this reason, the R1 was designed to have a non-linear frequency response that increases the bass frequencies and thus strenghens the low register.


Youtube Sample - this example is an older model of PiezoBarrel pickup