About PiezoBarrel


PiezoBarrel Pickups:
A quantum leap in wind and brass instrument microphones


•  Signal Processing


•  Sound Reinforcement


•  Home or Studio Recording

Attached to the mouthpiece or body of your instrument it delivers
• natural tone
• high output
• low noise
• prevents feedback
• eliminates spill
• plugs directly into effect pedals


PiezoBarrel at work

Ideal for Stage, big band , solo, outdoor, with kit drummer, other electric instruments, direct to the mixing desk. etc...

Small enough to fit in your existing case.

has been used on;
• Clarinet
• Bass Clarinet
• Bassoon
• Saxophones (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone)
• Trumpet
• Trombone
• Euphonium
• Tuba
• Recorder
• Duduk
• Didgeridoo
• Other instruments.

Designed and made in Brisbane Australia.

PiezoBarrel Philosophy:
Create a better world

As a music lover and an amateur musician, my goal is to create instrument microphones that are of exceptional quality, but are affordable for everyone. I give great service and personal attention to every customer and demonstrate good business ethics - something that is often overlooked in the cut and thrust of modern business. For me, it is not just about the money - I need to earn enough to live, but the music is what drives me, and your enjoyment of my products is important to me. I am not an expert on everything to do with music, so I listen to my customers and I am always available to discuss peoples needs and ideas. I sell packaged solutions via eBay, but when ordering via my website, I encourage people to email me so I am better able to provide exactly what they want rather than just an off-the-shelf package. I collaborate with musicians around the world from all genres of music and this collaboration helps me design pickups that deliver what musicians want. I hope we can work together to foster the harmony that music brings to life. - Steve Francis